Management Accounting Services Company in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Administration Outsourcing is a specialist accounting firm in Bangkok, Thailand that focuses on professional management accounting for companies and businesses operating in Thailand, and also Australia, Singapore, the UK and Hong Kong. We offer our customers a full service accounting department, managed by highly qualified accountants Our staff take care of our customers accounting needs, from data entry, to banking, to collections, to payments, to business insights and commercial advice. We take responsibility for these financial matters, saving you time and effort that are better utilized in your operations.


Keep Your Accounting Up to Date

Regain control of precious time and free yourself to focus on marketing and operations - our services ensure that your company's finances remain under constant professional supervision. Outsource your accounting to Administration Outsourcing and we'll handle all your requirements for you, efficiently and effectively.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing gives companies the advantages of speed, flexibility, accountability, low overheads and confidentiality. Outsourcing your accounting guarantees you'll no longer need to worry about staff turnover and training, and reduces the risk of fraud. In short, it saves you money and headaches. We provide outsourced accounting to customers in Thailand, Australia, Singapore, the UK and Hong Kong.


"'We needed accurately & professionally maintained accounts with monthly reports for all group companies. AO got us caught up to date and now reports come monthly on time no hassle. What more to say except great job and terrific management support." Alan Stewart Managing Director ARV Offshore Co., Ltd."

Alan Stewart

Managing Director
ARV Offshore Co., Ltd.