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Rapid set up, risk mitigation and compliance. Protecting your Investment.

Start-ups have taken Thailand by storm, and Bangkok has become the home of many aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals who want to raise their company towards success and even go public. Rules are different, however, in Thailand, and there is a maze of matters that must be navigated. The business sector is an often complex environment that must be prepared for before engaging. That’s where we come in.

Our Services

If you want to start a new company, we offer company formation services, help you open a bank account, register for Tax and VAT, register for Social Security, and help you obtain Visas and Work permits.
You might be launching your first start-up in Bangkok, or you might be a business veteran only just broaching the sector in Thailand. Either way, we provide friendly, experienced and professional guidance on what to do, and what not to do as a business. Clients approach us for advice with questions such as “Where should we establish our offices?” or “Which lawyer should we hire for our contracts?” Administration Outsourcing has access to expertise, and contacts, that can help your company. Our Start-up guidance and consultation services in Bangkok represent the guidance every new company needs.


"AO are very professional and efficient.  In addition the way they create management reports enables us to have clearer and simpler financial optics so we can see how our businesses are moving along at any given time.   They are a trusted advisor, helping us gain vision and financial clarity as we grow and drive our companies forward.   Truly a global top quality operation that can help any business with their accounting needs. " 
Richard Cayne Managing Director
Meyer International Ltd "

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