Company Turnaround 

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned 

We'll help you get your business get back on the right track.
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We identify issue areas and help our clients plug the gaps in the financial controls which may have gotten their company into trouble in the first place. 

Common issues we’ve faced are: 
  • Incorrect bookkeeping leading to incorrect tax and VAT returns being filed
  • Incorrect bookkeeping as a result of fraud. 
  • Poor credit controls 
  • Management accounts not reflecting the true picture of the business

We’ll help you recover as much debt as possible and help you get back on the path to business success.

Forensic Accounting

Our team of experienced accountants can provide you with insight on where and why issues occurred, resolve issues, and help you ensure the same things don't happen again.

Cash Recovery

We will help you convert as much of your debt into cash as possible

Nippita Pukdeetanakul

Managing Director
JNP Legal Co., Ltd.
We have been using Administration Outsourcing’s service and have found them extremely easy to work with. Their staff are very well trained, competent, reliable, and proactive. Their understanding of various types of businesses and their efficient work reflect the rapid development of our business. We also received a great deal of benefit from their financial advice and financial planning services leaving us to concentrate on our main legal work. We would have no hesitation recommending Administration Outsourcing to other businesses.