Corporate set-up

Careful planning to ensure proper set-up, risk mitigation and compliance, protecting your Investment.
You might be launching your first start up in Bangkok, or you might be a business veteran considering the newest BOI privileges. Either way, we provide friendly, experienced  and  professional guidance on what  to do, and what  not to do.
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We offer company formation and business application services 

We  help to understand and advise about the alternative legal structures, available business licensing and Thai Board of Investment (BOI) options applicable to meet your business needs before moving forward. This includes pros & cons of BOI, various business licenses and regulatory registrations applicable to your planned activities.

If you need to establish a new company in Thailand, we can promptly set it up completely and compliantly to meet applicable legal requirements that are often not self-evident, because different rules and regulations often run across various Thai ministerial authorities. 

We can also assist you to open a bank account, apply for a business license or BOI certification, register for Tax / VAT, register for Social Security, and help  you  manage your  Visas and Work  Permits application process.

We are your one-stop outsourced partner for dealing with all these administrative tasks and ensuring compliance, whilst leaving you free to run and grow your business.

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