Legal compliance

Navigate the regulatory framework for business in Thailand
Many companies in Thailand struggle with the legal requirements of business. This is particularly acute at the time of Company formation, however it often  continues throughout the evolution of your business operations in Thailand. 
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In Thailand, it is essential that you are made aware of the potential financial, taxation and legal standards.

We will help you stay compliant and plan ahead for all the legal requirements that are necessary to operate in Thailand.

Legal navigation of the regulatory framework for  Business in Thailand 

Our experienced legal team offers Corporate Secretarial  services, which includes  annual  Ministry of Commerce filings and  statutory Board Minutes.  We also provide, renewal services for work permits, visas, and 90-day reporting. And after set-up, many companies fail to stay on top of their ongoing BOI compliance and other regulatory reporting to a wide range of governmental authorities.
Furthermore, if and when the time is right, we can perform Dissolution and Liquidation services to make sure you successfully repatriate your paid-up capital and retained earnings.

 We can  become your one-stop  outsourced partner for  dealing  with all these administrative tasks and ensuring  compliance, whilst leaving you free to run and grow your  business.