Management accounting 

Insight, not just information

Management accounts are the corner stone of good business decision making. Make sure that you have the right information, in order to make the right decisions.
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A clear, insightful set of management accounts, drafted from good accounting records, provided in a timely manner is the cornerstone of all good business decisions.

Within 10 days of month end, we will provide you with Management accounts, which analyses the company performance, plus a variety of other Accounting Reports.

The management accounts can be tailored to your requirements, so that you only receive the accounting information that you need in order to make the right decisions.

Our team of experienced accountants is well equipped to prepare accurate and detailed statistics of a wide range of operations, such as:
  • Gross Profit return on Gross Sales
  • Management Rate of Return
  • Return on Investment
  • Gross margin percent
  • Job costing
  • Profitability analysis

There are synergistic benefits of having your bookkeeping, tax compliance and management accounts being done in the same place.

Having us as your bookkeepers will ensure that the right information is going into the management accounts, and that the Thai Revenue Department is kept happy.

Richard Cayne

Managing Director
Meyer International Ltd
AO are very professional and efficient. In addition the way they create management reports enables us to have clearer and simpler financial optics so we can see how our businesses are moving along at any given time. They are a trusted advisor, helping us gain vision and financial clarity as we grow and drive our companies forward. Truly a global top quality operation that can help any business with their accounting needs.