Payroll outsourcing

A cost-effective option for companies of a small to medium size 
Outsourcing provides the advantage of confidentiality, in addition to the counsel and expertise of personnel who are highly experienced and familiar with the Thai regulatory environment.  
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Outsourcing your payroll with AO, we will ensure that your staff are paid the correct amount, on time, every month.

The monthly  payroll run must be done on time, accurately, and with the utmost  confidentiality.  Companies that do their payroll in-house can have issues with all three of these prerequisites. 

If you outsource  your payroll to us, our team  of experienced accountants will ensure that your staff are paid, on time, every month, and  that all the details are kept confidential. 

We will also ensure that all the correct tax deductions are made, and  paid  every month to protect your company. Our excellent knowhow of the Thai Revenue Department and Social Security Office gives you peace of mind that your staff are in safe hands.  

A time sensitive and confidential task, managing your company's payroll must be carried out with swiftness, precision and an attention to detail. 

Records & Documentation

Our payroll accounting program, well established in Bangkok and the rest  of Thailand, covers all legal aspects  of payroll, including  payslips, Tax withholdings, and  Social Security monthly  summaries,  as well as annual  summaries  and  personal  tax certificates. 

Withholding Tax, Social Security Reporting and Filing 

Your company must deduct Withholding Tax on personal  income  tax, and Social Security is also deducted from most employees. These deducted amounts  must be reported  and  remitted  to the Thai Revenue Department and  Social Security Office every month. Our team  takes charge of these operations as part of its responsibilities,  preparing reports  and submitting them  on behalf of your company in Thailand.